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What is this workshop about?

This workshop is developed for the people who either by choice or necessity have become a caregiver to a person with a traumatic brain injury. In some cases this may be a family member or friend, a healthcare professional, or people with a traumatic brain injury who are taking care of themselves.

The goal of this workshop is to alleviate the pressure and frustration caused by not knowing what to do next.  We provide you with the tools and insights you’ll need to chart the ongoing course of care for the person with TBI. This workshop strives to avoid technical jargon and to clearly explain aspects of a brain injury and recovery in an accessible way. You do not need a formal education in neuroscience or medicine to put the material of this workshop into daily use for those to whom you provide care.

One of the most powerful roles you’ll play is that of a TBI Recovery Model team member – contributing to the efforts of the medical and rehabilitation support teams. Together these healthcare professionals, family, friends, and the person with TBI will help re-establish a sense of equilibrium, and learn how to navigate this new “normal”. Your job will be to contribute to communication among the entire team, to help make the hard choices, and to guide necessary changes to ensure the on-going success and healing of the person you’re here to help.

In this workshop we’ll guide you through informational material, present specialized professional information using expert videos and will continue preparing you to take action using workshop exercises. In this course you’ll learn about:

  • The causes and occurrence of traumatic brain injury
  • The symptoms and sequelae often experienced
  • The names and specialties of the various medical professionals you and the person with TBI may call upon.  You’ll learn when to bring a specialist into the mix, and how to provide them with the information they need to effectively treat the person with TBI, and
  • The general interactions, activities, environments, and behaviors that may prove to be challenging for a person with TBI.

You’ll also be introduced to the tools we’ve developed that:

  • Track the progress and challenges of the person with TBI
  • Document the effect of medications, exercise, meals, and emotional interactions
  • Manage the day-to-day events to determine the level of comfort and/or frustration the person with TBI may be experiencing with the world in this new state of being

And while the focus of the course materials is on improving the quality of life for the person with TBI, the course itself was developed for you, the caregiver, the advocate, protector, and lifeline of the person with TBI.

Upon completion of this workshop you will be better prepared to:

  • Reduce the fear of the unknown
  • Lower the frustration of everyone involved, and
  • Increase the healing, the success and the quality of care for the person with TBI.